MADRID – Once again, Europe has peered into the abyss. But the tentative agreement between Cyprus and the troika (the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Central Bank) probably means that the worst has been avoided. Big losses for large depositors in Cypriot banks will now be imposed, and the country’s second-largest bank will be shuttered. Looking ahead, however, Cyprus has the means not only to recover, but even to heal its longstanding division with the Turkish-backed statelet in the north of the island.

Methods on how to boost sales on the Internet:

1. Site Flow - The clients need to be able to purchase goods and services online with ease of access and utmost efficiency. This can be done by making sure that the site offers as minimal and only important information to the client.

The site should be in arranged in an orderly manner such that there is a clear understanding of the process of purchasing and it is done efficiently with ease. This will entice and increase the number of customers and therefore boost sales.

I was asked by several friends to highlight in brief which is the best way to stand up and do an effective presentation in public. This has been one of many people's greatest fears … public speaking. Knowing a few techniques can help to make the process of making effective presentation that communicates one's message clearly and effectively, while making the process of speaking in front of others much easier.

It is just as important to know the audience. The presentation to a group of professionals in the field will differ greatly from a presentation to a sixth grade classroom on career day. Taking a little time for research can allow the presenter to know how to adapt his or her speech to make the most sense to the audience.

So, soon we will be faced with a question… is it YouTube advertisement or local TV advertisement? In today's world, many business owners are using television and radio for the sole purpose of advertisement while a lot of smart people are doing it through YouTube which is visited by millions of people daily. In order to gain an edge over the smart people you can buy YouTube views, subscribers, likes and favorites etc… Cyprus Best Companies is another example, through CBC you can divert thousands of visitors in your web site. The reason? Consider your web site as your best sales person… Do we treat our web site and give this importance?

Marketing companies in Cyprus, had to adapt to the new technological era with millions of users on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter along with innumerable advertising sites. Promoting and advertising your brand has taken a whole new shape. In one of my presentations I highlighted the time spend on each media by users based on Eurostat information and the numbers are very interesting… there is a big shift from the dying newspaper advertisement towards on line advertisement. The point is where to advertise in Cyprus? At we managed to drive traffic into our customers via targeted well planned strategy. Already over2.100 companies are listed/advertised.