Vouni Panayias Winery

60 60, Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue, Pafos 5296
26 722 770
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The old saying ‘Knowledge is Power’ fits perfectly on the broad shoulders of Andreas Kyriakides, for here is a man who learnt every nuance, with regard to the art of wine making, all gained whilst working as a wine analyst within the government oinological department in Limassol. Over the 15 years of employment within the department, he was able to study carefully, learn from others, and eventually put into practice this wealth of knowledge when he opened his own winery in 1987. Not blessed with family land on which to build, and coming from a poor family, money was very tight, but with the solid support of his wife Thelma and a forward thinking bank manager, they took the plunge, and for five years they literally camped out on the site, with their three young children as they worked to build their business brick by brick. This winery is now one of the country's success stories, with over half a million bottles being produced annually.

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60 60, Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue, Pafos 5296
26 722 770