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Cyprus Business Directory

Probably the best business directory in Cyprus since 2001. Our mission is to drive business traffic to all existing business listings. Internet visitors are searching daily for various services and or for business in your business category if that is "Cyprus Best Accountants, Cyprus Best Hotels, Cyprus Best Lawyers, Cyprus tourist information, Cyprus car rental, and so on". Cyprus Business directories offer the maximum return on investment…"

CBC helps you increase your sales.

Cyprus Best Companies is an affordable Direct Marketing Program to support Cyprus business in attracting prospective customers. Our automated tools check daily Google searches globally and some of the most common searches are: “Cyprus lawyers”, Cyprus best lawyers, Cyprus accountants, Cyprus accounting firms etc.

B2B and B2C

Business to business? Or Business to Consumers? Our business approach is to cover both. We do schedule automated all businesses listed in selected business directories to be viewed at other businesses searching for business partners. Consumers search for products, services at Google, and land to our clients landing page. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy or content of any of the advertisements on the site or the sites that they link to. The term "Cyprus Best Companies" does not mean in any way that the listed companies are the best companies in their respective category.

How It Works


Select a business marketing plan that best meets your budget for the year. Do you belong in the Cyprus best accountants category, or at Cyprus best lawyers, etc. Enter your company, since all web visitors, will follow the same Google Algorythm and search via these key-phrases in the No. 1 Search Engine in the world, thus Google. Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.
Describe your business; insert the correct key phrases you wish to be found via Search Engines such as Google. According to the advertising plan you selected, select photos, logo, to make your business listing as attractive as possible. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable in following these steps, then please forward your request at or simply call us at + 357 70001777 and our call center will be more than happy to do this for you.


Your business listing is ready to go live after our operations management team will evaluate all data that are correct. Once more, it is important to find out the correct category your business belongs to. If for example you wish to be listed in more than one category, for example, you are a hotelier and your category is Cyprus best hotels, but you also have a well-known restaurant that you wish to include in Cyprus best restaurants, then you need to have a separate entry for that listing. We will not charge you for two listings but a 50% discount applies.

Needless to say that you can modify at any time your business details, offers or events and view statistics about your listing. Also your business listing is automatically listed in China business directories, USA business directories, and EU business directories.


Enter the key phrases you wish to appear on the Globe, ie, once a person in another country is searching Google for Cyprus best architects, or Cyprus best colleges, or Cyprus education, and our business directory comes first, make sure that you have selected this category so he/she can see this information.

Moreover, all categories as said earlier are automatically displayed at other B2B directories in Cyprus and abroad, such as India business directory, or UK business directory etc.  

Why Cyprus Best Companies

1500 new visitors per day
1st in all Search Engines
4500 Intern. Networking bus. links
23000 Facebook Business friends
Business Listings
SEO enabled links
Bus. Links in 65 countries
Geo Locations in Cyprus

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Cyprus best places to visit, is a three day planner which is based on the most photographed places in Cyprus. Very often when you travel to countries, you only wish where the locals go... Well, it all depends in what you like. Being the owners of Cyprus every day is a gift, we get hundreds of messages on where to go and what to do, since perhaps trip advisor is never enough. If you do need any information business or other please do let us know. We are here to help. 

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