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24 Ag. Demetrious 24a 4810 Platres, Cyprus, Limassol 4810, Cyprus

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You like fine wines and enjoy it when you taste the individual flavors of each precious drop of wine? Then you are exactly right with Lambouri Winery, wine made at the heart of Cyprus. Cyprus, the “Island of Love”, birthplace of Aphrodite, is for over 300 years home to Lambouri Winery. Our exclusive wines are created in Platres, a village, famous for its winemaking traditions and located 1128 meters above sea level. Our grapes are grown on the island’s finest and one of Europe’s highest wine region – southern slopes of the Troodos Mountains. Here the blend of rich-limestone soil, spring showers, and hot, sunny Mediterranean summers ripen the fruit and give it its full flavour. Winters are mild, and the gentle Cypriot breeze keep frosts in check and dispel the fogs. This is the ideal environment for the creation of our exquisite wines. We offer exquisite wines that will delight your taste buds. Whether white wine, red or rosé - in our wide range you will find exactly the right wine for your taste. For cozy evenings at home and for parties and celebrations – with delicious wines like Crimson Sky, Seaside Dream, Summer Blush, you’ll dream of Cyprus summers with every sip. If you enjoy more history, you’ll savor our sumptuous Commandaria Legacy (Commandaria sweet wine) or one of a kind Apollonia, or the oldest named wine in the world, the unique historical Ya’in Kafrisn. Lambouri wines, for every occasion the perfect wine.

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24 Ag. Demetrious 24a 4810 Platres, Cyprus, Limassol 4810, Cyprus


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